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Our Mission Statement:

To offer a wide selection of alternative health care services throughout a directory of holistic practitioners so that individuals can research and select the options for empowerment toward their own healing. 

We are dedicated to bringing together alternative health care providers from many areas who have come to us from all over the globe.


MML Consulting

Through our primary practitioner Monique L. Dorge we provide a variety of services that can influence and change your life.


Huna Kane Masage

Huna Kane is a form of healing grounded in ancient Hawaiian Huna wisdom. Huna Kane incorporates massage as the therapist speaks to the body so that the body-mind connection can assist the body to recover from pain, trauma, illness, etc.  It is like getting a massage and counselling session at the same time. It was originally practised on Hawaiian royalty, so that kings and queens could be fully clear prior to their coronation. That clarity enabled them to rule wisely and well, since they were free of emotional baggage. There is some evidence to indicate that it may be traced back to ancient Egypt as well. Breaking through the illusions that create false belief systems bridges the gap to new thought forms. Huna Kane is the "inner knowing of the Higher Self." It is a process of accessing inner wisdom creating more balance, peace and harmony in mind, body and spirit.



Hypnotherapy guides the individual into a deep connection with their inner self.   (Unconscious & Higher Conscious Minds), assisting you to release blocked emotions & limiting beliefs.

Hypnotherapy uses light to medium states of trance.  When you experience Hypnotherapy, you will feel like you do when you are drifting off to sleep.  Your Conscious Mind will be aware of what is happening around you yet your Unconscious Mind will be open and communicating directly with you.  Most people experience a relaxed, comfortable, feeling.  It is at this point that your Conscious & Unconscious Minds communicate together.  Your Unconscious Mind guides you to where you need to go in order to release blocked energy, emotions and limiting beliefs.


Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy is not a treatment.  It is learning how to use your equipment in a different way than has been done in the past.  Through Body-Mind Analysis, the client can gain an understanding of the “issues in the tissues” and learn better ways to use the body. Chakra & Core Energy Balancing enables the client to release tensions and create in-depth healing. It honours, body, mind and spirit so that all three can work together to encourage and support healing in mental, emotional & physical states. 





Primary Contact
Monique L. Dorge BHEc, BEd
MML Consulting
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