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Monique L Dorge

Monique L. Dorge is a Huna Kane Practitioner/Facilitator. Monique holds degrees in Human Ecology and Education.  As a teacher, she fosters personal growth in her students while receiving their admiration and respect. She studied Hawaiian Huna Kane intensively in Manitoba, Ontario and Hawaii. She is also a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which is used in hypnotherapy, in addition to being a Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner.  Monique devotes her life to assisting clients to reach their fullest potential through the healing power of Huna Kane and psychosomatic therapy in combination with NLP and hypnotherapy.

Monique is a warm, loving and caring person.  Her friendly smile puts people at ease very readily.  She is also respectful, reliable and trustworthy.  She has been blessed with the gifts of intelligence, foresight and perception. She draws on her personal experiences, in addition to her training, to empower children (and the child in each one of us) to live an extraordinary life.


May 2009 - Monique has completed the Diploma to Teaching Psychosomatic Therapy and is offering courses for personal & professional development. See:   Psychosomatic Therapy

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Monique L. Dorge BHEc, BEd
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