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Huna Kane FAQ

How is Huna Kane different from other processes?
Huna Kane is a preventative, restorative body massage with a rocking action that comes from the Dance of Creation.  "Pain is information" is the premise which applies to Huna Kane.  Negative thoughts and emotional trauma, when repressed, cause body pain, burnout and disease which can be resolved and healed.  The tight masses of constricted tissue are actually the body's way of telling its owner what is emotionally out of balance so the person will make the necessary changes.  Huna Kane incorporates all types of massage, many forms of polarity, and shiatsu.  It clears the auras and chakras. 

It also has the benefit  of a light trance state which helps to process at a deep level.  It is a passive way to release the body of old baggage.   The massage relaxes painful spots in the body as the person breathes deeply.   New ideas of more appropriate ways for the body to feel are offered to the client.   There is an actual map that shows where specific emotions are held.  Love for self and others is reinforced, thereby releasing the fears that constrict life, detoxifying the body, activating the body's immune system and increasing the life force (mana) available. 

Who benefits from Huna Kane?

People like you benefit very well from Huna Kane. Those seeking empowerment and lasting change can acquire the tools necessary for enhanced growth. Huna Kane can also increase the effectiveness of those working with and for others on a personal level. People of all ages can find relief and healing from personal issues and dis-ease.

How do I maximize the benefits of my Huna Kane session?
After a session, clients are encouraged to drink lots of water, take salt baths (preferably in sea salts) and get plenty of rest. Other healthful habits are also encouraged, such as making healthy food choices; exercising; meditation, and deep breathing.

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