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What is Huna Kane?

Huna Kane is a form of healing grounded in ancient Hawaiian Huna wisdom. Huna Kane incorporates massage as the therapist speaks to the body so that the body-mind connection can assist the body to recover from pain, trauma, illness, etc. It is like getting a massage and counselling session at the same time. It was originally practised on Hawaiian royalty, so that kings and queens could be fully clear prior to their coronation. That clarity enabled them to rule wisely and well, since they were free of emotional baggage. There is some evidence to indicate that it may be traced back to ancient Egypt as well. Breaking through the illusions that create false belief systems bridges the gap to new thought forms. Huna Kane is the "inner knowing of the Higher Self." It is a process of accessing inner wisdom creating more balance, peace and harmony in mind, body and spirit.

The body retains memories of trauma, in tension and pain.
The right side of the body holds reactive patterns, guilt, inadequacy, anger and aggression. Any ailments or afflictions on the right side of the body mirror how a person has taken on the burdens of others. The higher purpose of the right side of the body is to support you in walking your talk and standing in your truth. In a balanced state, instead of trying, yelling or feeling guilty because you can't help enough, you begin to learn that you must release the ways people, places and things have stopped you from living your own life. You align yourself with your own highest good and flow easily through life.

The left side of the body holds blame and heartbreak—the contempt of the ego. It mirrors back the way a person has difficulty expressing their needs. Instead of reacting outwardly to fear and anger it represents the way one internalize their emotions, blame themselves, feel controlled by others, sabotages self, is angry at self and can’t receive support. The higher purpose of the left side is to become empowered by “tuning-in” your own natural internal, sensitive intuition. Learning from your emotions creates a deeper meaning to life. Tapping into the useful resource of feelings, you begin to use emotional states to become enlightened.

Huna Kane healing sessions restore physical integrity, allowing every part of the body to exonerate itself from the past, releasing negative thoughts and emotions and bringing about complete and irreversible self-forgiveness.

Physical or emotional symptoms give clues about what needs to change in order to achieve balance. Huna Kane Body Mapping and High Altaring are therapeutic adjustments of the entire physique which escort toxic emotion and negative beliefs, often expressed by depression and pain, out and away. Huna Kane sessions pacify senses, calm feelings, and clarify thoughts creating a state of receptivity to higher consciousness. Huna Kane activates the flow of Mana, life force energy, by fine tuning our innate receptivity to the Divine broadcast. Breath and body work are important components of Huna Kane. Huna Kane restores balance and abolishes the illusion of separateness and limitation. After releasing limiting beliefs, one can then go ahead and create the changes necessary to alter reality and bring about an extraordinary life.


Benefits of Huna Kane 

btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) promotes healing on an emotional as well as physical level
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) allows for a more effective life
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) is a powerful tool for transformation
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) creates change at a cellular level
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) assists in dealing with stress, depression, addiction and abuse
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) assists in dealing with crystallized trauma, self-esteem issues, low energy levels, etc.
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) stimulates the immune system, therefore benefiting those who experience serious or chronic pain or illness
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) balances body mind and spirit
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) allows for more effective life
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) brings about a deeper connection with self, others and the universe
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) gives people access to entirely new choices in their lives
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) clarifies goals and intentions through participation in sessions, retreats and workshops
btr-fly.gif (1372 bytes) allows for the creation of a bright desirable future


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Monique L. Dorge BHEc, BEd
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