Uniquely Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit

Hypnotherapy – Healing the Mind

For centuries, Human Kind has been using altered states of consciousness to assist in bringing healing and balance to the Body, Mind & Spirit.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Gain Control over Your Life

  • Be More Productive
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Build on Your Strengths
  • Participate in Your Health

Connect with Powerful Inner Resources

  • Become the Person You Always Wanted to be
  • Connect with Who You Are
  • Find Inner Peace
  • Experience Genuine Happiness

Create the Changes you Desire

  • Release Stress
  • Become More Energized
  • Change Old Habits
  • Sleep Better
  • Change Limiting Beliefs

What Happens in a Session?

Hypnotherapy guides the individual into a deep connection with their inner self. (Unconscious & Higher Conscious Minds), assisting you to release blocked emotions & limiting beliefs.

Hypnotherapy uses light to medium states of trance. When you experience Hypnotherapy, you will feel like you do when you are drifting off to sleep. Your Conscious Mind will be aware of what is happening around you yet your Unconscious Mind will be open and communicating directly with you. Most people experience a relaxed, comfortable, feeling. It is at this point that your Conscious & Unconscious Minds communicate together. Your Unconscious Mind guides you to where you need to go in order to release blocked energy, emotions and limiting beliefs.

Why Release Blocked Emotions?

According to Paul Goodwin, a neuro-physicist from Alaska State University, when emotions are not allowed to process naturally through the body, they form a functional boundary in our neurology. It is like a balloon is formed, containing all of the emotion inside. This “balloon” then tends to interfere with the natural flow of energy throughout our body, thus causing emotional and physical turmoil. The result is that we may feel drained of energy, tired or burdened, and may have a number of physical symptoms. Since our mind profoundly affects our body, it is essential to release our emotions & limiting beliefs as part of our healing journey. Along with more physical interventions, Hypnotherapy is an essential part of the healing journey bringing Body, Mind & Spirit into harmony.

Why Release Emotions and Limiting Beliefs?

We used to say “seeing is believing”. Now as a result of studies done in the area of Quantum Physics, we know that “believing is seeing”. Once we congruently believe something, it becomes manifest in our lives. We are our thoughts. This is not just about positive thinking, it is about congruently believing those thoughts. Because our Unconscious Mind operates behind the scenes, playing out the programs that it has been given in the past, it is essential to release the old program in order to allow new, healthier ones to form. The problem with traditional change processes is that often it requires conscious effort and will power to maintain the changes. Once the changes happen in the Unconscious Mind, the new behaviour operates on its own.

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