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Here are some of the comments I have received over the years regarding Huna Kane, Hypnotherapy, as well as Psychosomatic Therapy and its' effects.  I want to say thanks to everyone for their kind words, and "Hooray" for you to be able to make those changes in your life!

David Fouad  April 27, 2016

Monique, my life has changed in a very positive way since I experienced a treatment session with you.  It was my first time with hypnotherapy and you opened my eyes in a profound way.  You helped me walk through and tackle long-term mountains of mine.  We explored what felt like another time and another world. I walked away feeling free and empowered.

Monique, it's been over a year since I had my first treatment with you and I have no regrets.  I recommend you to ohters who have had similar challenges and who want to feel and live better lives - mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Kevin B.   Feb. '16

Even though I do not reach out often, you have been inspiring me in the background to pursue my dream of helping others. Keep up the great work.                    

Chris L. - Jan. '16
Words are beyond how happy I am I got to meet and work (hypnotherapy) with you yesterday. You have helped me on my path and I am forever grateful! I look forward to seeing you again! Also you will most likely be getting a call or email from my brother. He is very interested and curious as well. Thanks again! :)


Morris F. -  Dec. '15

I appreciate your help and will continue working on these issues throughout my life I’m sure.  I have been especially working on my stance and sitting at work.  My lower back is very happy right now and thanks you.

I have been especially working on my stance and sitting at work. My lower back is very happy right now and thanks you.


Mike M.  - July 2015
Thank you so much for today’s session. I believe this will help me so much in letting go of the fear energy I have been holding and allow me to embrace faith in myself and in spirit.
I already had some challenges in the rush to get to the game and in situations where fear would have come up and taken control of my life, I was able to accept the challenges without fear taking over. So already some big changes in how I feel when presented with challenges. 

I am happy to share my experiences with others who may be interested in the wonderful healing work you do.

Mar. '15
Thank you for the Huna Kane session. I feel so much better and more connected to my inner self, which has decreased my fear and anxiousness. I look forward to our next session


Lorrel E. Feb. '13 writes: 

(I am) admiring your conscientious attitude of commitment in such a disposable society, your qualities are rare and deeply appreciated.


Shannon Y.  Dec. '12 writes:

"I wanted to send you a quick thank you. You were a tremendous help to me during the Psychosomatic Therapy class. You're so easy-going and approachable, it was easy to ask you questions. You never made me feel small or stupid for not seeing or understanding something obvious. Instead, you walked me through the process while making (client) feel special and cared for at the same time.

When you pointed out the rather obvious fact that excellence usually requires practice, I realized how rarely I allowed myself to try new things. Allowing myself to try a new skill when I'm at the kindergartner level with a whole room of observers was a really good experience for me! I learned a lot from you. Your kindness and compassion helped create a safe space from which I could give this work a try."


Bruce G.  August '06 writes:
My e-mail address is onlinejetservice@hotmail.com and my phone number is 204-688-6868.

“I am happy to send you an update on my life since my sessions with you some time ago.  … I had been working on a dream of having my own jet service since 1991.  Every time I came close something would go wrong and the process would stop.  I’d get tired of not getting things done and try and give up but every time I did within the next 24 hrs. some reason to continue would come up and I would start up the process again of marketing, dreaming and wishing for my dream.  Within three weeks of my last session with you Monique the flood gates to my dream opened up and to make a long story short, I gave my notice to (former employer) on the 12th of April and am now working as the operations manager and chief pilot for (private individual) flying his corporate jet.  …  Just (want) to thank you very much for the positive changes in my life, thank you. “

“Any one who reads this … can be assured that the experience with Huna Kune and yourself will be life changing for them as well.  ... Thanks for the last session …, I like the recharged spirit I again have, and of course my confidence has replaced the fear, yea.” 


Marilyn G.  Oct.'03 writes

The last session I had was an interesting one.  Although, at the time I didn't feel any emotional release, I did feel a subtle change in my body state. I felt more centered and balanced.  A funny thing did happen the next day however.  I was having my hair washed at the hairdressers and this incredible feeling of compassion, love and acceptance seem(ed) to pour from my Head, Heart and spirit to my twin flame.  It was as if I was releasing  a heartfelt prayer.  The other interesting thing is that just last night as I lay on my side I felt energy release in the form of gentle spasms in the holding place that you had massaged.  The right side of my back , just in back of my right arm. ...  There is definitely something to this Huna business!



Cath T.  (massage therapist from Australia) Mar.'03 writes:

I have been practising the Huna Kane massage and I am overwhelmed by it. I practised on a friend who seemed like she would be open to it and capable of giving me useful feedback. She was overwhelmed by the massage and said it was the most amazing thing that she has ever experienced. That was when I finished before she started to realise what it had done for her. She is coming back tomorrow for another back session to see if there is any more that can be helped with it. Then we will try the front.  Another person was a regular seated massage client who recently separated from her husband and she was very pleased with it too. She seemed in a much calmer and happier mood when I saw her the next week. She felt that what I said in the dialogue was everything that she had been reading but it was more confirming to have it spoken to her especially with the massage part with it. So I am really thrilled and will get on with my assignment after I do some more practice.
I knew that when I took the massage course, it was the most powerful and sacred thing that I have ever learned but I didn't up to now practice to get an understanding of how amazing it is.  ...
Anyway, I thought I would let you know about the feedback and thank you once again for sharing the marvel that is the Huna Kane massage.



Tomas B, Nov.'01 writes:

I like the positive changes I see in myself after I had my massages with
I always felt so invincible after the massages, that I could achieve
Not to mention the amazing stress reduction, or the positive feelings and
self confidence.
thanks for the help and the great work.


Wendy P. Aug.'01 writes:

Imagine getting a therapeutic massage and a counselling session at the same time. That’s Huna Kane in a nutshell - afterwards you feel physically and psychologically cleansed to the point where you’re able to experience a real sense of peace and contentment within yourself.
I was introduced to Huna Kane at a time when I was delving into emotional issues from my past and how they were continuing to affect me. At that point I had virtually no energy, was depressed and irritable - and even though I’m normally a very healthy person, I was constantly getting sick. A friend suggested [that] my body was literally getting bogged down with the weight of all the emotional stuff I was dealing with. She went on to say that Huna Kane would help move all that stuff through my system much faster than I ever could just dealing with it on my own.  
 I am truly grateful for the advice my friend gave me. To date, I have had ten Huna Kane sessions, each one unique, each one eliciting a different response. To be touched and talked to for an entire hour by a wonderfully sensitive and highly intuitive individual who acknowledges and encourages my inner journey is pure heaven. I have come to look forward to seeing Monique on a regular basis, hearing her soothing voice and feeling her gentle touch.  
 I am never so centred, so grounded within myself as I am after a Huna Kane session. It’s as close as I’ve ever come to experiencing the very essence of myself and who I am. I feel so loved, so peaceful knowing that all is right with my world.  
Thanks to my Huna Kane sessions, I am more in touch with my body and how it “talks” to me.  I can now relate tightness or tingles in a particular area of my body to a specific emotional issue [with which] I am having trouble.
 Seven months ago I was full of anger, resentment and bitterness — beneath which of course, lay a great deal of pain. Today, I’m more in touch with my feelings in general and able to experience more moments of real joy and contentment while I struggle to let the rest go. Huna Kane has played a tremendous part in my emotional growth spurt.”


Anette M. Aug. 2001 writes:

As a holistic counsellor, I have explored a variety of alternative healing and bodywork. Huna Kane with Monique Dorge has always been an incredibly positive experience.
I believe Huna Kane is so effective because it communicates on many levels with me. There are four obvious components that are part of the treatment:
First, and very importantly, the client applies a specific breathing technique throughout the entire session. This Hah-breath helps the client to let go of the conscious mind and to access the subconscious, and possibly even the super-conscious mind. I think this can be compared to a runner entering the ‘zone’.
Secondly, the client is nourished with treatment-supportive music, which helps to reach a state of peace and calm.
Thirdly, the practitioner talks to the client with positive and assertive affirmations. Monique uses the most powerful of all healing metaphors, Love, as the guiding power in her affirmations. It helps the client to feel in a loving state, i.e. being reconnected to Universal love.
And last but not least, the practitioner massages the client with rhythmic and mapped out movements to release tensions, toxins, and unsettling thoughts.
Huna Kane supports me in finding balance, accessing my higher consciousness, and connecting with Universal wisdom and healing.
The treatments of Huna Kane have increased my awareness in all aspects of life, be it business matters or personal life. The treatment results are always relaxing, yet uplifting. I look forward to every session, as a matter of fact, I’d love one every week. Aloha!







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